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‘House Hunters’ again in Merida, now with a single mom and someone with a toothache

Latest episodes add up to at least 13 shows since 2009

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A single mom takes her daughters to Merida in a new episode of “House Hunters International.” Photo: HGTV

“House Hunters International” still appears to be finding story lines featuring property searches in Merida.

Its 13th (by our count) Merida-based show aired Feb 12, with the camera’s lens trained on a Knoxville, Tenn., woman who decides to make a permanent move to Merida after traveling there for a root canal. “She quickly discovers that having champagne tastes on a cerveza budget means she may need to build from the ground up to get what she wants,” according to the show’s description.

A 12th episode, “My Three Daughters in Merida,” aired Jan 16. HGTV, the U.S. cable network that commissions these shows, doesn’t say too much about the plot, but the episode can be purchased on YouTube..

“After backpacking around the world with her three daughters, a single mother decides to settle down in Merida, Mexico. She’s looking for a spacious home with character, but her daughters want something new and modern,” reads the show description.

A local builder, however, posted images of a project on Facebook, saying it will be featured soon on HGTV. So yet another episode may soon be coming.

Many foreign residents who have found their way to the Yucatan capital first learned about it on “HHI.” The long-running cable show stages a house hunt using people who actually just bought a property or signed a rental lease. Although the scenes are reconstructed, the show allows viewers a glimpse private homes of all price ranges and styles around the world.

In 2009, the show’s very first Mérida house hunter spent $60,000 USD on a modest fixer, and since then HHI has featured singles, couples and families of all kinds, sometimes with budgets that allow for more luxurious properties.

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