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‘House Hunters’ host, who introduced countless viewers to Merida, succumbs to cancer

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The original “House Hunters” host, Suzanne Whang, has died at age 56. Photo: HGTV

The original “House Hunters” narrator, whose cable program has converted countless U.S. viewers into globetrotting expats, has died.

Gifted with a smooth, calm voice that provided the narration for the HGTV program for nine years, Suzanne Whang died Tuesday at age 56 after a long, off-and-on battle with breast cancer.

Whang narrated the first of 11 Merida-centered episodes of “House Hunters International.” The only narrator who appeared on-air before a format change, Whang hosted the HGTV program when it started in 1999.

After her tenure with the franchise, Whang was first replaced by Colette Whitaker, and then Andromeda Dunker, whose voice continues to be heard today, despite some apparent attempt to reformat the show once again.

Whang’s death was confirmed on Friday by her longtime agent, Eddie Culbertson.

Also an actress and comedian, Whang hosted more than 400 episodes of both “House Hunters” and “House Hunters International,” according to HGTV.

Whang addressed her cancer with candor and humor, publicly sharing her cancer treatment updates on social media.

In a post this past February, for instance, Whang shared a photo of her bare chest, in which a very large tumor protruded between her breasts. “I have 3 tits now, and the tumor is bigger than both of my other tits combined!” she wrote, adding, “let’s all say Ta-Ta to the Third Tata!”

In another post, while cancer had advanced to Stage 4, she pasted googly eyes on the protrusion and named it Felicia so she could say ‘bye” to it.

A fan of hers reposted that photo on Twitter to remember Whang, writing beneath it: “Suzanne Whang was able to see the humorous side of everything.”

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