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Housemate held in death of photographer, 31

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Luis Abraham González Contreras’ body was found hidden in a garbage dump. Photo: Facebook

Police have quickly extracted a confession from the former housemate of a Mérida photographer whose body was found in a Chelem Puerto garbage dump.

Luis Abraham González Contreras, 31, whose specialized in wedding photography, had been missing since Dec. 19.

His body was found 10 days later, dismembered and burned, police said. Fingerprints determined the identity of the body.

Statements from his family indicate that González Contreras dined with his family the night before he disappeared.

His housemate, Alejandro Lopez Geded, confessed to bludgeoning a sleeping González Contreras with a hammer, then attempting to make the body unidentifiable though mutilation and burning, Progreso Hoy reported Saturday.

The suspect had been asked by the victim to permanently leave the house they shared in the Jardines del Norte neighborhood, according to the report.

With an accomplice who has not been identified, the suspect used Luis’ vehicle to go to the clandestine dump in Puerto Chelem. The sack was found when trash-pickers detected an unusual stench.

The incident appears premeditated. The suspect had purchased the weapons and tools to conceal the body ahead of time.

Progreso Hoy said the suspect had been expelled from his parents’ home as well as his grandmother’s.

Luis González, who friends say was known for his kindness, did not hesitate two years ago to offer his rented home and share expenses with Lopez Geded, who he met at the Exersite gym in Plaza Altabrisa, where the suspect was a boxing instructor.

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