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Housing complex in Sisal will be eco-friendly, mayor vows

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The developer who built this condo complex in the Riviera Maya plans to develop housing in Sisal. Photo: TAO

Sisal, one of Yucatan’s least spoiled coastal villages, has plenty of visitors. Builders are among them.

TAO Mexico, a developer with lodging and condos on the Riviera Maya, will invest 895 million pesos / US$45.5 million in an “ecological real estate complex,” according to a local media report.

Officials in Hunucmá, which governs the port city, welcomed the investment.

“The municipality of Hunucmá is one of the few that has a great opportunity to develop both in the area of ​​industrial investment,” said Hunucmá Mayor Alberto Patron Romero.

Sisal has minimal infrastructure, which may be why it received more than 9,000 visitors in just one summer weekend this year.

He said that care is being taken to design the complex without losing the city’s natural essence.

Among other investments in the area, a Japanese robotics company is building a plant in the city’s industrial park. It will generate around 1,000 direct jobs, and five times as many indirect jobs, said the mayor.

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