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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Houston, Mexico City flights canceled as Merida airport slows down

1,500 fewer passengers expected as travelers take coronavirus precautions

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Merida International Airport will lose its flight to Houston, and many CDMX routes, for the time being. Photo: Flickr

Merida, Yucatan — Six national flights and at least one international route have been dropped as a contingency measure against coronavirus.

Most flights to Mexico City and Villahermosa have ended, and United’s flight to Houston — a major expat gateway — has disappeared from the airline’s online booking site after Tuesday. Cancun, an over-four-hour-drive away, remains a viable alternative for Merida travelers.

The flight cancellations will create a drop of up to 1,500 passengers a day at Merida’s Manuel Cresciencio Rejón International Airport, which generally manages a flow of 6,000 travelers every 24 hours.

This will make it easier to monitor those passengers who still arrive. All travelers pass through health screenings, including a fever check.

Airlines might cancel yet more flights this week, said an airport administrator who echoed a general call to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel.

Merida International Airport works with 12 airlines, of which two are international.

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