How did your pets cope with New Year’s fireworks?

Pyrotechnics are terrifying to animals, who have no idea we're celebrating

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Source: Humane Society

Last night’s fireworks were pretty intense as we ushered in the 20s. A nonstop barrage of sound and smoke for 45 minutes was a spectacle for people, but terrifying show for some dogs and cats inhabiting the city.

We have and published and republished advice on keeping your pets calm during fireworks celebrations, but it’s an uphill battle to keep them assured that the noise and vibrations don’t signal the end of the world or the wrath of Thor.

The loud noise of fireworks can result in severe stress, fear, and anxiety for animals. They can get sick, and sometimes they bolt if they’re able to. It’s a frightening situation.

Private homes for miles around were lighting all kind of pyrotechnics from all sides of our home. This follows recent fireworks celebrations for the Virgin of Guadalupe and Christmas. But last night was over the top with exuberance, and from a people standpoint it was something to behold.

But those poor pets, not to mention the strays in the streets.

For domestic pets, we’ve advised safe rooms, ThunderShirts and displaying a cool demeanor. Did that work for your household? What advice do you want to share with others next time there’s an occasion for noise-makers in Merida?

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