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How to make your bedroom a luxurious escape

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Sheryl Novak
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It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make a bedroom in your home in Mexico a luxurious getaway. All you need to do is focus on adding a few key items to make the transformation. Here are some tips to help you make your bedroom a place you may never want to leave.

Without question, the most essential part of a luxury bedroom is a super comfortable mattress. Regardless of how hard you prefer your mattress, one with a pillow-top will give you the back support you prefer along with a little softness to sink in to. Some mattresses also offer gel-infused memory foam to help regulate body temperature. This helps you receive a peaceful slumber night after night.   

Add to your bed some white linens. Nothing says luxury quite like white. It is clean, heavenly and cloud-like. The perfect invitation to a good night’s sleep is a fluffy white duvet with crisp white sheets. When looking for linens, focus on what the fabric is made from rather than thread count. Bedding made from bamboo is perfect for ensuring you will not overheat when it gets warmer in the evenings in Mexico. Sheets made from percale are also a good option. Percale weave is a fabric that gets softer each time you wash it.

Treat yourself to a fluffy white robe, and pair of white slippers like you see in high-end hotels. Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a good book or watch the latest episode of your favorite show, just being in wrapped up in spa clothes makes everything feel so relaxing.

Our sense of smell is the strongest of our senses. A luxurious room is one in which you can let go of stress and just relax. Scents that are often used by high-end hotels include vanilla, lavender, and baby powder. There are many low-cost diffusers available locally that can take your room from good to great for just a few dollars.

Speaking of senses, don’t forget about sound. One of the easiest ways to bring an extensive collection of Zen-like, spa music into your luxurious escape is with a smart home device. Smart devices are easy to connect to your wi-fi. Just give the command to play relaxing spa music, and you will hear lovely rainfall along with quiet tones. Perfect for relaxing to. Smart home devices do more than just access music. They can also work with your lights so that you can dim them easily without having to get up.

Luxury hotels often include a bowl of fresh fruit on the dresser. This little addition does not cost much yet will make your bedroom feel different from the norm.  

If you have extra space in your bedroom and a little extra room in your budget, invest in a comfortable chaise longue (or lounge). This will provide you with another place to kick back and relax. Make it even cozier with a luxurious throw so you can curl up with your book or take a nice siesta. Bottom of Form

Furnishing a new condo in Mexico? Let Sheryl Novak, an expat from Canada who sells furniture in Mexico, help with a free checklist. Send an email to sa.novak@solutionsmexico.com

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