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How to Stop Procrastinating and Write My Essay

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Do you put off your college assignments to binge-watch a Netflix series or scroll through your Instagram feed? Don’t worry. It is not just you. Procrastination is a prevalent issue among students. 

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Challenging tasks like writing take a lot of work. That’s why students often find it so hard to actually sit down and write my paper. Instead, they put off their essay until its due date and have to pull an all-nighter to be able to finish it before the deadline. 

Unfortunately, procrastination comes at a cost. A recent study concludes that it affects various domains of student life. Last-minute papers rarely get good grades, which worsens academic performance. Procrastination also leads to stress and anxiety and related issues like poor sleep and tension. 

How to beat procrastination and write an essay? There are several helpful strategies you can use to overcome it. But first, let’s understand why students procrastinate in the first place. 

What Do the Statistics Say?

Procrastination is one of the most common learning obstacles. It affects four out of every five students. According to the Student Psyche Report, 87% of 1,300 high school and college students admit they procrastinate. 45% of them also say that it negatively impacts their grades. 

The level of procrastination often depends on the task at hand. 61% of students admit, “I wait till the last minute to write my essay.” Other tasks like test prep (34%) and group projects (5%) are also common but not as prevalent. 

So what is it about writing that makes students avoid it? 

Why Do Students Procrastinate?

Reasons why people procrastinate differ:

  • Self-doubt. Researchers point out this is the most widespread cause of procrastination. Students tend to put off writing because they are afraid to perform inadequately or even fail. 
  • Confusion. Sometimes you can simply get stuck on a certain task. You will stare at a blank page for hours, unable to write the next sentence.
  • Fear of criticism. Write my essay? But what if I get a low grade? Students are too afraid of getting a negative response from their teacher that they are hesitant to start their essays. 
  • Perfectionism. Aiming for high standards is commendable. Yet, perfectionists tend to procrastinate a lot as they put off the actual writing to overthink every single step. 
  • Boredom. Sometimes an essay topic is simply not exciting, and a student doesn’t have enough willpower to complete it.

Once you know what causes you to procrastinate, you can choose an appropriate strategy to stop it. 

7 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

So is there hope to write my essay? Luckily, there are many ways you fight procrastination.

Get a little help

To stay on track, you can work on your essay together with classmates. You will keep each other accountable and have a more encouraging study environment. Can someone write my essay? This is also an option. Professional DoMyEssay writers are there to help you nail any assignment. You can check these domyessay.com reviews by NoCramming to make sure this service meets your needs.

Match your writing schedule to your energy levels

Our energy levels change throughout the day. Some people are productive in the morning, while others can be more focused in the evening. Writing is a challenging task, so choose the time of the day when you are most ready to deal with it. 

Spread out deadlines

Instead of having one final deadline, set several spaced-out ones for every step of the process. It’s a research-proven way to get everything done. Need to write an essay? Give yourself a deadline for research, outline, drafting, and proofreading. Big papers will immediately seem less intimidating. 

Use short writing sessions

One more way to get the writing done is to use the Pomodoro technique. Our brains like short 25-minute work sessions with mini-breaks in between. They are encouraging as you don’t have to work too long. So, you are more likely to maintain concentration. Short breaks serve to refocus and indulge in distractions. 

Don’t punish. Reward

Procrastination can be frustrating, especially when you want to get the work done, but your fears don’t let you. Instead of negative self-talk, be more understanding. Try to reward yourself for small wins. Even if you managed to write only a paragraph or even a sentence, appreciate your progress. 

Hone your writing skills

Writing seems intimidating only if you are a beginner. The more confident in your skills you become, the easier it gets. Work on your writing skills even when you don’t have to write essay. To practice, write a post for your social media or journal regularly. 

Let go of your expectations

Done is better than perfect, especially if it is your first draft. Leave imperfect sentences, and don’t worry much about the structure. You’ll be able to edit it later. Your task is to get words on the page. Writing freely adds to your confidence and helps you overcome the most difficult stage—the beginning. 

The Bottom Line

Every student procrastinates from time to time. However, it’s a dangerous habit for your productivity. To stop procrastinating, try to identify what causes the problem in the first place. Then, once you know your tendencies, use a suitable technique to overcome them. 

Let’s be honest. If procrastination is already a deeply rooted habit of yours, it won’t go away overnight. Yet, you can build a healthier writing routine bit by bit and eventually become more disciplined.

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