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Contest will determine the best Huevos Motuleños

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Everyone makes huevos motuleños a little different, but there are no bad recipes, says the mayor of Motul, Yucatan.
Everyone makes huevos motuleños a little differently, but there are no bad recipes, says the mayor of Motul, Yucatán.

Motul, Yucatán — Huevos Motuleños, Yucatán’s gift to the breakfast and brunch menu, will be the star of Fiesta Motul 2016 on Saturday.

On Saturday at 10:30 a.m, on the town square, the city will host its first fair honoring eggs Motul-style. The dish is famous throughout Mexico, and is also found on breakfast plates in Costa Rica and Cuba.

The eggs are the starting-off point to promote the attractions of the city, said Mayor Vicente Euán Andueza.

There are no bad recipes, Euán said, just different ways of cooking the dish.

Visitors will vote for their favorite interpretation of the dish. The winning exhibitor will earn the concession for the management of the Cenote Sambulá restaurant.

Rick Bayless, Frontera Grill owner and TV host, describes Huevos Motuleños as a “layered ‘short-stack’ of Mexican breakfast favorites piled on a tortilla, including fried eggs, chorizo, cheese, peas, beans, plantains, cilantro and salsa.”

In Mérida, Los Dos Chef David Sterling writes the famous dish is traced to the noted Siqueff family – proprietors of one of the region’s first Lebanese restaurants:

Located in the tiny town of Motul, Yucatán, “La Sin Rival” was owned by the Lebanese immigrant Jorge Siqueff Febles and was frequently the scene of political power meals headed by Motul native Felipe Carrillo Puerto – governor of Yucatán from 1922-1924. The governor was known for his taste for meals with a large variety of accompaniments. On one particular occasion, there were so many guests in Carrillo Puerto’s company that Siqueff quickly realized that the restaurant did not have sufficient tableware. Instead of serving the accompaniments individually, he simply used all of them atop a couple of fried eggs – and Huevos Motuleños was born. Black beans, tortillas, tomato sauce, ham and peas are the signature ingredients. We have updated this popular classic by substituting bacon for the ham, using fresh peas (canned are more typical), and adding fried potatoes. Restaurante Siqueff continues the tradition in Mérida on Calle 60 between Calle 35 and Calle 37.

Sterling’s recipe for Huevos Motuleños appears on his blog.

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