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Friday, July 1, 2022

Hundreds ask City Hall for help battling high CFE bills

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Four days after announcing the service, the Merida City Council has received 800 requests for free legal advice from homeowners shocked over their electric bills.

Bills have climbed by as much as fivefold for CFE customers who insist their usage has not gone up. Even offices that have been shut down because of coronavirus contingencies have been handed energy invoices for thousands of pesos.

CFE has admitted that many of those bills represent an estimate, and not a proper meter reading.

City residents can contact tariffsjustas@merida.gob.mx for advice and help initiating a legal procedure.

So far, 80 files with complete documentation have been established to facilitate legal procedures before the Federal Electricity Commission.

Although the City Council helps residents with the paperwork, the customer has to go forward with the procedure. But the city will provide a timely follow-up as each case moves further.

City Council has also paved the way for 12 court injunctions to prevent a household’s power from being cut for nonpayment.

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