Hurricane danger zone approaches

Hurricane Isadore struck Merida in 2002, above. That storm, along with Hurricane WIlma in 2005, are the most destructive hurricanes Yucatan has seen in recent memory. Photo: Getty Images

Only two hurricanes are predicted in the Atlantic this season, but that does not mean anyone on the peninsula should become complacent.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean began in June and lasts through November, but the middle of August begins the period of highest risk for damaging storms.

Less intense than hurricanes, tropical waves continue to soak the region. On Saturday, lightning accompanies a rainfall, with some strikes in the Centro causing some chatter on social media.

With hurricanes Arthur and Bertha behind us, the University of Colorado predicts two hurricanes with the potential to touch Yucatan: one moderate and one severe.

The head of UADY’s meteorological center notes 2002 also a year when few hurricanes were predicted, with El Niño at a stage of formation similar to its current stage. That was the year of Hurricane Isadore, which forced thousands from their homes and left the city ankle-deep in water, with coastal flooding as high as 12 feet above normal tide levels. 

Source: Diario de Yucatan, Associated Press

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