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Monday, November 29, 2021

In its 2nd year, Huevos Motuleños fair draws huge crowds

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Huevos Motuleños: So many ingredients. Photo: Redescubre Yucatán

Motul, Yucatán — Build some Huevos Motuleños, and they will come.

In two years, a weekend festival celebrating this city’s famed breakfast dish attracted tourists from as far away as Mexico City.

“The secret is in the sauce,” says Manuela del Socorro May Chavarria, whose well-known restaurant, Francisco de Montejo, was one five participating in the gastronomic festival.

Manuela’s secret recipe was inherited from her grandmother when she was 10, just when she began to master the dish.

Motul’s Huevos Motuleños Fair concluded Sunday. Photo: Desde el Balcón

The weekend’s festival brought in 12,000 visitors, organizers said. It began Friday with a feast to the Virgin del Carmen and an unveiling of a colorful large-letter installation spelling out the town’s name, common now in tourist destinations.

While cooking in her booth, Manuela shared that in addition to the sauce, the indispensable ingredients of Huevos Motueños are chopped onion, tomato and ham, peas, garlic, beans and golden tostadas. The sunny-side-up egg is cooked to individual taste, whether runny or well-done.

Manuela took part in the festival with the encouragement of her children, one of whom is a local celebrity: “Doña Clodo,” a well-known regional character on Yucatecan television, played by Landy Chan May. “She’s just as crazy as her mother,” Manuela said with a laugh.

Motul’s Huevos Motuleños Fair concluded Sunday. Photo: Desde el Balcón

El Festival Gastronómico del Huevo Motuleño, which ended on Sunday, was visited by national tourists from Nayarit, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Tizimín, Mérida and nearby municipalities.

Source: Desde el Balcón

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