Influenza cases leap along with chickenpox and mumps in Yucatán

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Kids get their flu shots in Yucatán. File photo

Influenza infections have doubled in Yucatán, making it the region’s third-most common preventable disease, behind chickenpox and mumps, the federal Ministry of Health reported.

Between June 17 and 23, there were 51 cases of chickenpox, six cases of influenza and two cases of mumps.

In Campeche and Quintana Roo, influenza levels are below average, and nationally, cases are down. But in Yucatán, its spread is remarkable.

While in Yucatan, the increase is 100 percent, with 36 cases reported since the beginning of the year.

For the sixth consecutive week, Yucatán remains among the 11 states with the highest incidence of chickenpox, a disease that otherwise continues to decline.

So far, in the country there were already 78,531 cumulative confirmed cases of chickenpox, a 21.2 percent decline over the same period of 2017. But in Yucatán, there is an increase of 31.6 percent, from 1,952 infected people to 2,558.

Similarly, in Campeche, there are 1,359 cases, up 50.5 percent.

Quintana Roo reported 2,248 infected, down 13.9 percent from last year.

In the case of mumps, infections are up 141.8 percent nationally, and 21.2 percent in Yucatán.

Source: Yucatán Ahora

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