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‘Intelligent’ high-rise apartments planned in Montebello

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Aura Smart Luxury Living is planned in northern Merida. Rendering: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — New housing in the White City has moved about as far away from “hacienda style” as it possibly can.

A “smart luxury living” apartment complex is planned in the city’s north along the Periferico, offering the latest technology to residents who can afford it.

Aura Smart Luxury Living will have 370 apartments in two 10-story towers and a five-story central common area with amenities such as a mirror-like lake, three infinity pools, a conventional gym and a holistic gym with various classes, a garden house, event hall, restaurant and shop.

While in the Montebello area, residents will also have exclusive access to their own “beach club” in Telchac Puerto.

Aura Smart Luxury Living appears positioned for newcomers in Merida, pitching the city’s advantages over other locales in Mexico. While other urban centers in Mexico have larger unemployment rates, overpopulation and few natural spaces, the Aura pitch reminds potential residents that Merida offers “the best opportunities.”

Aura is also advertised as the city’s “first intelligent development,” built around an Aura app that controls tenants’ air conditioning, lighting and visitor access.

Under the heading of sustainable and ecological construction, a bubble deck is made of recycled, lightweight tiles, and PEX type water pipes will prevent bacteria by not requiring solvents or glues in its connections.

Prices were not posted, but applicants can contact the Aura sales office in San Ramon Norte for an appointment.

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