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Interjet ends Cancun-NYC flights; new routes fly south

Budget airline appears to be focusing on Latin America

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Interjet appears to be focusing more on Latin American destinations. Photo: SFGate

Mexico-based Interjet is ending its Cancun-New York City route on June 17, the budget airline announced.

It was one of four dropped U.S. routes, announced along with five new Latin American destinations.

Interjet hasn’t abandoned north-of-the-border destinations; it still links passengers to 11 American cities, including Las Vegas the Big Apple.

The airline is also dropping its Los Angeles-Puerto Vallarta, Los Angeles-San Jose del Cabo, Los Angeles-El Bajío, Mexico City-Ciudad Obregón, Tijuana-Culiacán and Tijuana-El Bajío flights.

As of June 1, the airline will send a larger-capacity Airbus A320 from Mexico City to Bajío, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mazatlan, Palenque, Puerto Escondido, Torreón and Varadero, Cuba.

In addition, as part of its international expansion strategy, Interjet announced five new routes, all pointing south.

The new routes will be: Mexico City-Medellín (June 5); Cancún-Medellín (June 6); Cancun-Lima, Mexico City-Guayaquil (June 17) and Cancun-Guayaquil (June 21).

Passenger affected by these changes can call 11-02-55-37 (from Mexico City), 01-800-890-92-21 (from the rest of Mexico) or 1-844-774-8956 (from the United States).

Interjet has been flying for seven years in the U.S., where it remains a relatively obscure brand.

A writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, invited to fly on a media orientation trip, noted that most everyone on his flight spoke in Spanish. The airline’s flight magazine is in Spanish only, as were some of the flight instructions.

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