Interjet makes plans for more Merida-U.S. flights

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Interjet. Photo: Wikipedia

The Mexican airline Interjet plans to open a hub at the Merida International Airport “probably in 2015,” with direct flights to the U.S., said a spokesman for ASUR, which manages airports in the southeast.

The move would also improve connectivity to travelers flying domestically and throughout Latin America, said Hector Navarrete Muñoz.

A hub would help Interjet decentralize its operations in Mexico City.

There is talk that they could get out of here direct flights to Miami and Houston, reports Linea Recta. Right now, the airline connects to New York, Miami and San Antonio from Mexico City. The report did not mention the possibility of a New York-Merida route.

This bodes well for tourism in the region, Navarrete Muñoz noted.

The announcement follows news that AeroMexico is adding a fourth flight to its Merida-Miami schedule.

Sources: Linea Recta, Interjet

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