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Invest 95L to brush by the Yucatán Peninsula while Isaac weakens

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Invest 95L is a tropical weather system hanging around the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancun. Graphic: Weather.com

Invest 95L, a tropical weather system, has been hanging around the Yucatán Peninsula near Cancun, but is more of a worry for other regions.

“Interests across northeastern Mexico and the coasts of Texas and Louisiana should monitor the progress of this system,” the National Hurricane Center said in a tweet Tuesday.

Meanwhile, news about Tropical Storm Isaac was encouraging Wednesday morning as the NHC reported it had weakened.

Isaac, with winds of 60 mph, was still tracking westward toward the Caribbean.

Invest 95L was showing signs of organization, but less so Wednesday. It will move across the Yucatán Peninsula and into the southern and western Gulf where it might organize into a tropical depression or tropical storm over the next couple days.

An invest in meteorology (short for investigative area) is a designated area of disturbed weather that is being monitored for tropical cyclone development.

But conditions in the Caribbean Sea don’t seem to exist for Isaac to strengthen, and the storm was projected to further weaken.

Much of the long-term forecast for Isaac was uncertain, the National Hurricane Center said today.

Isaac is expected to travel over some Caribbean islands including Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica.

By Sunday, Isaac was still expected to be a tropical storm as it continues straight west across the Caribbean, south of Jamaica.

An 8 a.m. advisory from the Hurricane Center did not mention Yucatán.

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