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Investors in Chuburná plan luxury entertainment project

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Chuburná is a quick drive from Progreso’s cruise ship terminal. Source: Google Earth

Chuburná, Yucatán — A group of Yucatecan entrepreneurs is looking to build a luxury destination here for cruise ship passengers looking for a new excursion.

It would also attract upscale land lubbers with a membership at “Playa Pachanga,”  said Eric Rubio Barthell, one of the plan partners and a coordinator in the governor’s office.

A Pachanga, aside from being a type of Cuban music, is a breed of black, fluffy imperial cats originating from the Yucatán Peninsula. Mexican folklore hold them as divine.

The 20 million-peso project will include restaurants, a bar, swimming pools, lounge chairs and locker rooms.

Cruise passengers could be offered entry, and Country Club residents — those lacking a beach house, anyway — might sign up, he said.

“There would be private beaches that will be offered … to the tourists who visit Mérida, who come to conventions, so that their wives enjoy the coast, while the husbands work,” said Rubio Barthell.

Construction could begin in the next few months. A precise location was not mentioned in a recent Diario de Yucatán article.

Source: Diario de Yucatán

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