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Inviting tourists with disabilities to explore the Centro

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A program to allow the disabled to tour Mérida's historic center is being introduced.
A program to allow the disabled to tour Mérida’s historic center is being introduced.

Mérida, Yucatán — For anyone, even the most spry and athletic, navigating the narrow walkways and busy streets of the historic center is tough enough.

For the elderly or disabled, it’s a particular challenge, especially f you’re a tourist and unfamiliar with the city.

“Acompáñame a sentir,” or “Come to feel,” is a program being introduced by the state to welcome tourists with disabilities.

A guided tour of the historic center of Mérida, starting in December, will leave the theater José Peón Contreras toward the Church of the Third Order, Hidalgo Park, the Cathedral, the Plaza Grande and then culminate at the Government Palace.


A tour along the coast is also in the works.

Source: Secretary of Tourism

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