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Monday, August 2, 2021

Jetlines is latest airline to enter Cancun

Ultra-low-cost airline plans to begin operations this summer

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Upstart Canadian airline Jetlines plans flights to Cancun. Photo: Courtesy

A Vancouver-based ultra-low-cost airline will be the latest carrier to fly into Cancun.

Jetlines Ltd. is also initiating flights into Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

The upstart airline has reached agreements with both Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico and Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste to three of Mexico’s top tourism destinations for Canadians.

The airline is still in the planning stage and hasn’t flown anywhere yet. But it’s on track to begin service this summer.

Nearly two million Canadian passengers travel to Mexico yearly, and that number is trending upward.

“We are thrilled to announce future service to these airports. I have worked in this market extensively and have a deep understanding of how to operate successful routes in and out of Mexico,” said Jetlines CEO Javier Suarez.

“ASUR is delighted to welcome Jetlines to our Cancun airport. A brand-new Canadian airline bridging new origins from Canada to our world-class destination will be a recipe for success indeed,” said Alejandro Vales, the airport group’s customer and route development director.

The routes are subject to the completion of the airline licensing process and the receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.

Canada Jetlines plans to become Canada’s first true ultra-low-cost carrier, reaching destinations across North America.

The Company plans to commence operations with the Airbus A320 fleet, the most widely used aircraft for ultra-low cost carriers worldwide.

A “Planned Route Map” indicates that flyers across Canada — at Abbotsford, Halifax, Edmonton and Winnipeg — would connect through Hamilton to reach Cancun. Abbotsford would link directly to Puerto Vallarta.

Jetlines’ announcement did not include ticket prices.

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