Joining forces, 80 people clean up Xpakay cenote

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Divers help reach garbage beneath a cenote in Tekit. Photo: Courtesy

Tekit, Yucatán — More than 1,500 pounds of garbage was removed from a cenote, and it wasn’t easy.

About 80 people, including high school students from the Colegio Teresiano and college students from Universidad Marista, cleaned the Xpakay cenote in Tekit, about 50 kilometers from Mérida.

After almost four hours of work, students, directors of the Bepensa Foundation, divers from the Grosjean Expedition, farmers and staff from Tekit Town Hall gathered 12 cubic meters of waste. Divers went as deep as 30 meters to find diapers, tires, cans and even household appliances.

In addition to removing trash, workers planted about 50 trees in the surrounding area.

The archaeologist and coordinator of the project, Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi, said that the main objective of this activity is to raise ecological awareness among young people.

Some of the students expressed surprised at the amount of garbage found in these sites.

This project was financed by the Bepensa Foundation, which through a temporary employment program enlists local farmers to maintain the cenote.

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