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Kayak tours bring nature close in Chuburná

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Kayaking in Chuburná. Photo: Courtesy

A tour that explores lush mangroves also brings intrepid kayakers in close proximity to the flamingos and other birds that make the port of Chuburná special.

Ecoguerreros Yucatán and Cooperativa Ecoturismo Chuburná Carbonera offer these options to enjoy Yucatán’s natural wonders and postcard views from a unique vantage point.

All this can be done starting at the parador in the port of Chuburná, one hour from Mérida.

The General Manager of Ecoguerreros Yucatán, Ulyses Huesca Tercero, said that this association was formed one year ago and its objective is for locals to know their heritage through adventure, camping and ecology.

The groups have allied with cooperatives and service providers, not only of from Yucatán, but also in Campeche and Quintana Roo, to promote conservation work and environmental education.

They offer a catalog of 13 routes for different parts of the territory, and he said that they are always in search of new places for those looking for something different.

“We organize trips and assist with transportation departing from Mérida, we also complement the experience of visiting communities as we help travelers understand the environment,” he said.

The campaign Rediscover Yucatán, promoted by the Board of Cultural and Tourism Services Units (Cultur), has been an important tool to promote the state’s tourism and cultural offerings as well as to announce the work of those who work in the field, he said.

More information: www.redescubreyucatan.com

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