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The train shed between Parque La Plancha and the old train station, before renovations began. Photo: Courtesy

To the Editor:
I think this is the time for all of us who live here to make the governor and ayuntamiento aware of out collective perspective and hopes for this great, once in a lifetime opportunity. (Story: Why build a Museum of Light in La Plancha?)

We must solicit from government the same foresight of those who envisaged, planned and built the great urban parks though out the worlds’s major cities, including Mexico City with Parque Chapultepec. After all the consultations and expertise that went into the exhaustive planning phases of this project, there must be transparently defendable reasons to deviate from the existing plan.

All residents of the city have a stake in this project, which will benefit its citizens, communities and visitors in so many ways. As Yucatecans or foreign residents, we can influence the decision makers by various means. The park needs to be a topic of discussion amongst ourselves and active communication with the responsible entities and persons.

Perhaps someone could write a sample text in Spanish which people can modify if necessary and then forward to the Gobernador and Alcalde (Mayor). This is time to make a difference for this generation and those that follow. Is there a model or some plans and images that are publicly accessible? If so where?

— Craig Laberge

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