Kimball loved Mérida’s relaxing pace, but looked forward to more travel

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Lee Steele
Lee Steele
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Emerson Kimball. Photo: Facebook

An American traveler, summering in Mérida, was found dead in his Centro residence on Tuesday. He was identified by friends as Emerson Kimball, who was in his 70s and apparently died of natural causes.

On social media, he left behind messages expressing his delight in finding himself in Mérida.

“Now in Merida,” Kimball wrote on his Facebook page. “City I call home in Mexico. I have a wonderful place to live and friends who visit and a refrigerator full of food and beer. Everyone has a different idea of happiness.”

The 10-year Vietnam veteran from California marveled online about the pace of life here.

“Well I guess it’s about time to slow down for awhile. Last two years have been busy, two continents 11 countries, 20 something flights, death, good times and bad, lots of wonderful people. But the old bones need a rest,” he wrote.

“Going to visit in Merida for the summer. Really nice here, have a super friend here. Caribbean beach, Cancun near, American friendly, and close enough to see my Maya friends on the week end,” Kimball wrote. “I’m not stopping, this is what I love, as long as I have a passport in one hand and a boarding pass in the other, let’s go.”

His travel was extensive.

“Trivia, I have 3 passports with 61 stamps. Not going to see 100, oh well,” he remarked on his Facebook page, leaving behind this sage advice:

“Live your dream, be kind to others, avoid those who hate, speak truth, greet all as a friend.”

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