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La Plancha area ripe for restaurants and shops, says business leader

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The La Plancha district, where a fruit stand is among the few small shops that exist. Photo: David Stansbury

Mérida, Yucatán — For the president of the National Chamber of Commerce and Services of Mérida (Canacome), it’s not just trees that can grow at the park being developed at La Plancha.

Restaurants and shops will bloom there, too, said Michel Salum Francis.

The former rail yard right now is surrounded by what you’d expect to surround an industrial area: warehouses, houses and some light-industrial businesses.

The completion of a “mini Central Park” at the former railway station is one of Mérida’s most important projects, Salum Francis said, bringing recreation for families and tourists.

“We must begin to prepare plans to encourage trade in the area,” he said.

“I think the announcement of the construction of a large park in the former train station will trigger a transformation for the good of this entire neighborhood and will enrich the offering of various products,” he said.

Although up to now he has no knowledge of anyone interested in setting up shop there, he said that businesses will take notice when the park begins to emerge.

Last April, the state accepted the La Plancha Master Plan, presented by about 500 people from activists and academics who for years promoted the ideas.

Source: Sipse

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