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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Las Garzas feeds neighborhood in the face of crisis

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Photo: Las Garzas

A Chelem restaurant, whose business has slowed during the coronavirus contingency, has started giving away meals to hungry neighbors.

Las Garzas Hotel & Restaurant prepares free food every Tuesday and Thursday, an act of kindness that so far reaches 50 people each day. And they are attempting to serve even more.

For some of the people who arrive for food, “it is the only meal they have in one day,” Raúl Galván said.

“That is why even when it is not easy for us to do it, we decided to start giving away meals to people who sometimes do not have something to eat.”

The restaurant invites the community to find people who are in need of nourishment. They can be reached through their Facebook page.

Contributing cash assistance is possible through Oxxo via card number: 5579 0700 8568 8789. Grocery donations are also welcome.

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