Last chance to exchange your license plates in Yucatán

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Vikki Hillman
Vikki Hillman
Vikki Hilllman and Carlos Che are owners/operators at Merida Expat Services, which helps foreigners navigate the nuts and bolts of life in Yucatan. Vikki hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and Carlos is a native Meridano.
Lines are common at the motor vehicle registration office. Photo: File

You have until midnight to exchange your expired license plates for new ones, no more extensions. If you do get fined and your vehicle is seized, here is the link to get it back. But you will need to replace your plates first.

Despite the two extensions, more than 40% of vehicle owners still have not changed their plates, says the state government.

As of Saturday, all vehicles with expired plates are subject to being towed away by state police, and the owner will be fined. Checkpoints on various roads are enforcing the rules.

As of last week, Yucatán state police issued 31,497 warrants to drivers with expired license plates.

Offices near the Siglo XXI convention center have been increasingly crowded as the deadline draws near.

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