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Lights added to modernized highway interchanges

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Road improvements between Mérida and Chetumal began last year. 2016 file photo: Courtesy Ministry of Communications and Transportation

Lights are being added to the expanded and modernized Mérida-Chetumal highway system.

The state Ministry of Communications and Transportation has approved 11 million pesos for luminaires at the Oxkutzcab-Teabo and Tzucacab-Peto overpasses.

Two new overpasses will be illuminated with LED fixtures. Photo: Courtesy

The current round of improvements to the highway began more than a year ago.

The highway, which also has surveillance cameras, eases travel between Mérida and the Belize border. The road also promotes agricultural and commercial development in municipalities such as Teabo, Maní, Oxkutzcab, Ticul and Peto.

Electric power is supplied through the Federal Electricity Commission’s network.

At the Oxkutzcab-Teabo overpass, at kilometer 70 along the Mérida-Chetumal road, 64 LED lights will be placed at the top, and 32 at the bottom .

At Tzucacab-Peto, at kilometer 120.5, 32 led lights will be placed both at the top and bottom.

Technical work for the placement of the luminaires began this week.

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