‘Yucatán Week’ in Mexico City promotes local shoe designers

Shoe manufacturers in Yucatán hope to expand their reach. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán —Will Yucatán be known for shoes the way the peninsula is known for henequen and hot sauce?

The Yucatecan shoe industry is betting on it, seeing market potential in Mexico City and in the country’s north.

Here is their chance to go for it. Shoe designers will have a special pavilion at the fifth edition of Semana de Yucatán en México, or Yucatán Week in Mexico, May 19-28 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City.

The annual trade fair has been growing every year, promoting Yucatán’s food, apparel and culture to the rest of the nation. 

And since it began, it’s grown in popularity every year, taking more and more space in the facility. 

The fair suggests a trip to Yucatán without leaving Mexico City. 

“It will be like going to a day of shopping in Mérida but without spending on the plane ticket,” organizers boast. Grab a marquesita or a Mayan coffee, all within reach of a subway ride — that’s the pitch that lures visitors in Mexico City.

The week includes charming performances by dancers, singers, comedians and musicians — and a tacit invitation to visit Yucatán in person.

Semana de Yucatán en México began in 2013 to gain attention in the nation’s capital. It attracted about 100,000 visitors in all. The next year, the crowd grew to 115,000, and a dozen more Yucatecan vendors took an interest.

Building on previous successes last year, organizers welcomed 128,000 visitors who enjoyed the offerings of about 240 exhibitors. 

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