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Local trio develops app to locate honest gas stations

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Zenzzer is introduced at a trade show last fall. Photo: Facebook/Zenzzer

With higher fuel prices, consumers are casting a wary eye at the gas station. A group of young entrepreneurs in Mérida has developed an app to help drivers cast those eyes in the right direction.

It’s like Yelp for gas stations, but also ships with a tiny meter that measures the amount of fuel actually being delivered to your tank, no matter what the gas pump claims.

Zenzzer was first announced last summer by three Yucatecan entrepreneurs searching for investors.

Today, Randy Cruz, Gustavo Sánchez and Pedro Silvente are offering a mobile app for Android users. Zenzzer posts a user-generated rating system for gas stations in any given location. Others on Zenzzer can inform the public which stations are best, or worse, for service and prices.

“We created a social network where users can comment and rate a gas station. As more and more people comment and rate using the app, a gas station’s reputation can increase or diminish,” said Cruz.

More impressive, a Bluetooth-enabled “ZenzMetter” mounts to the car, somehow verifying how much gas was transferred from the pump to your tank. This is important, since unscrupulous stations and attendants are not unheard of in Mexico. The meter connects to the OBDII port located below the dashboard of most cars built in 2006 or later.

The device can be preordered for 999 pesos. After the pre-order stage, estimated to be in February, Zenzzer’s app and meter will cost 1,499 pesos. 

An iOS version of the app will be ready shortly, said Cruz.

Source: Sipse

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