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A look back as Coliseo celebrates 3rd aniversary

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coliseo yucatan
Coliseo Yucatán turned three years old this month. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, YucatánColiseo Yucatán celebrates its third anniversary this month. Since opening, the high-tech stadium has been busy with all sorts of entertainment. 

Opening on Feb. 8, 2014 with Mana’s “Drama y Luz” tour. They returned in November 2015, and each performance filled the 10,000-person stadium to capacity.

In three years, the venue has hosted 20 international events and 30 national events. For 2017 it has confirmed shows Miguel Bosé (Feb. 25), Placebo (March 25), Marco Antonio Solis “El Buki” (May 5) and the WWE Live Tour Mexico (June 11).

Some of them most famous artists and most popular shows on the Coliseo stage have included Juan Gabriel (Feb. 20, 2016), Chayanne (Nov. 21, 2015), Marc Anthony (May 13, 2016), Ricky Martin (Oct. 31, 2014), Hombres G (Dec. 6, 2014) and Roberto Carlos (Aug. 20 2014).

coliseo yucatan
The Coliseo’s first day in business three years ago. Photo: Courtesy

Among international artists that the Coliseo has lured to town: Steve Aoki (Dec. 2, 2016), David Garrett (March 6, 2016), Laura Pausini (Nov. 26, 2014), Julio Iglesias (Oct. 3 2015), Miguel Bosé (May 26, 2015), Ringo Starr (March 8, 2015), Enrique Iglesias (June 8, 2014) and Raphael (23 May 2016).

In June and July 2015, Mérida’s first appearance of Cirque du Soleil was a huge success with “Corteo.” The show had a positive ripple effect on Mérida tourism.

Among the sporting events that have occurred in the Coliseo Yucatan were: WWE Live Tour Mexico (Oct. 16 2015) and the boxing match between Jorge “Maromerito” Paez Jr. and  Aaron “La Joya” Herrera (Oct. 11, 2014).

One awkward moment: For the Coliseo’s first anniversary presentation, a concert was planned starring Luis Miguel (Feb. 7, 2015), but the artist did not show up because of “technical issues.” Indignant headlines followed for days.

The second anniversary went much better: what ended up being Juan Gabriel’s final appearance here was on Feb. 20, 2016 with his “Noa Noa 2016” tour. The artist filled the room and thrilled the audience for three hours with his greatest hits.

To celebrate the third anniversary of the Coliseo Yucatán, Mexican pop singer Mijares’ “Sinfónico” will come to the stage on Saturday, Feb. 11.

Source: Diario de Yucatán


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