Los Trompos joins with indigenous artisan farmers to offer blue corn tortillas

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Photo: Traspatio Maya

Merida, Yucatan — The Los Trompos restaurant chain has assumed the role of “corn ambassador” by working with the nonprofit group Traspatio Maya and featuring an artisanal Yucatecan product.

The nonprofit, whose name translates to Mayan Backyard, is a fair-trade organization that promotes artisanal farming in Yucatan. Seventy-six producers in rural indigenous communities are tied in with Traspatio Maya.

The group is supplying the restaurant with eh-hub variety corn for a new blue tortilla option.

“All this action communes with our philosophy of sustainability and social responsibility, in addition to not forgetting our ancestors and roots,” said Angel Leopoldo Osorio Haas, Los Trompos’ commercial and operations director.

Merida-based Los Trompos has 21 branches across Merida, Villahermosa, Ciudad del Carmen and Campeche.

Los Trompos also commissioned Yucatecan street artist Datoer to create a mural at the Centro Historico outpost at Calle 60 at 59.

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