Main types of gamblers and how to distinguish them

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The Different Types of Gamblers

There are 6 types of gamblers: professional, antisocial, casual, relief and escape gamblers, serious, and irresponsible. Pathological propensity for gambling was first discovered by Robert L. Custer, MD. It was him who created the first program for the treatment of gambling addiction. It is recommended to get acquainted with each type of gambler in detail.

Professional gamblers

These are players who use gambling to make money for a living. For many people, gambling is the main source of income. Such gamblers are well versed in the games they choose and play responsibly. They control their budget very carefully. Professional gamblers are not passionate about gambling. They only wait for the best bets to get the maximum winnings. 

Antisocial gamblers

Unlike professionals, this type of player uses different ways to get money illegally. These players are usually members of different organizations that place bets on horse racing and dog racing. They play dishonestly and use different frauds to get their winnings.

Casual gamblers

Such gamblers choose gambling to relax and have fun. For them, gambling is a way of relaxation. This hobby has no effect on family relationships, social or professional responsibilities. For example, they can play a few games of poker, bet on the world championship or participate in the lottery. They don’t play every day and go to online casinos when they are in the right mood.

Serious gamers

Serious gamblers spend a large amount of time on gambling. For such players, it is the main source of distinction, but gambling is not the most important thing in life. Profession and family remain a priority. This type of gamblers can be compared to people who choose a hobby for recreation and entertainment. Serious players keep control over their budget and play responsibly. 

Relief and escape gamblers

Such gamblers choose gambling to feel some relief and escape from problems, depression, anger, loneliness, boredom, or other unpleasant emotions. With the help of gambling such gamblers try to escape from difficulties. Games have some entertainment effect, so they help them relax and have fun.

Irresponsible gamblers

These are players who have no control over the game. For such players, gambling is the most important thing in life. Attachment is accompanied by a serious addiction that significantly affects all aspects of a person’s life. It leads to the destruction of family, loss of friends, and jobs. Addicted gamblers may take rash actions. Their only goal is to win back as quickly as possible. Because the money goes fast, they may steal or do other immoral things. Such gamblers cannot get rid of their addiction on their own, even if they want to do so.

Celebrities in Gambling

Among the famous and popular people there are also those who have an addiction to gambling. It is recommended to look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Tiger Woods is a famous golfer who prefers to bet at least $25,000. In some Las Vegas casinos, he is not allowed to bet more than $1 million.
  • Charlie Sheen prefers to place large bets and spends more than $200,000 a week. He is the type of irresponsible and addicted gambler.
  • Gladys Knight is a woman who struggled with gambling addiction for about 10 years.
  • Ben Affleck once won a poker tournament and was suspected of cheating. Since 2014, he has been banned from the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino.

Famous rapper 50 Cent often makes big sports bets. He once bet $500,000. It was the famous match between the “New York Giants” and the “San Francisco 49ers”. At that time, luck was on the rapper’s side and he won. All of these people have one thing in common – the presence of the sum, which can be lost without regret. Unlike ordinary gamblers who can bet their last $10, celebrities play big. 

How does a Person Become a Gambling Addict?

Gambling addiction can be devastating. Absolutely anyone can encounter such a problem. Wealth and age do not affect it. Even people with higher education and a good job can face such a situation. Much depends on the character of the person. Addicted players cannot give up the game even if they want to do so very much.

In the gambling industry it is important to understand that there are no bad casinos or betting companies. Just as there are no bad dealers. The whole industry is about making a profit. You can often see the sudden ups and just as sudden downs of gamblers. Many experts also argue that slots are programmed in such a way that casinos make a profit.

This is a relevant question, since slot machines are the most popular section of any online casino. Time flies by very quickly and even with a big win a person does not notice how he loses the whole bankroll. It is better to choose real blackjack online, as you can apply a strategy to this game. The main signs of gambling addiction are the following:

1. The person becomes irritable and often has bad moods
2. Debts, credits and financial situation worsen
3. Work problems arise and often lead to loss of employment
4. Relationships with relatives and friends begin to deteriorate
5. A person cannot stop playing on his own



Many people enjoy gambling and betting on sports. In this way, the hobby often turns into a dependency and gambling addiction arises. This is a devastating state and the person needs professional help. 

It leads to debt and the deterioration of almost all aspects of life. Often gamblers begin to lead an immoral lifestyle, which is characterized by theft, abuse of alcohol and drugs. 

To avoid such negative consequences, it is recommended to play as professional gamblers. If you like gambling, be sure to familiarize yourself with the principles of responsible gaming. According to statistics, every year more than 30,000 addicted players seek help. To this end, there are various anonymous clubs and psychological programs.


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