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Man named ‘003’ wins contest for most unusual moniker in Yucatan

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A Yucatecan whose birth name is 003 won a contest odd monikers. Photo: Casera Pizza

A Merida pizza parlor’s contest has revealed the Yucatecan with the oddest name around.

His name is 003. Or, Cero Cero Tres, as it’s entered into the record books, where numerals aren’t accepted.

The young man, whose full name is 003 Miler Santos Chablé, won a pepperoni pizza baked in the shape those numerals, for coming forward. Aside from the pizza, 003 got his 15 minutes of fame on social networks.

He told a local newspaper that he didn’t know about his birth name until he turned 15. He grew up in the United States, where his family called him “Bambino.” When his mother died and he returned to Yucatan, Santos Chablé learned the truth.

“They told me that since I was 15, I should be responsible for my paperwork. So when I see my record I find this number and ask my dad, well what does it mean. Then he told me ‘that’s your name’. Obviously my reaction was: ‘WHAT?’ ” Santos Chablé told Diario de Yucatan.

The name apparently wasn’t an allusion to James Bond, who is double-o seven. It was his parents’ attempt at identifying the order of the family children, he said.

“The classmates were telling me, ‘hey, give me your autograph,’ and then I felt mocked by the others. I did feel that I was being bullied by my name, but over time I really learned that it is part of my identity. It has given me so many anecdotes and such good friends, that really, I have no shame in saying that that is my name,” he added.

The pizzeria, Casera Pizza in Col. Mexico, also gave prizes to 19 other entrants with names such as Vercingentorix, Bharnabhy, Juplier, Dwby and Nivea.

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