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Marcelo Chic connects with SoHo Galleries on colorful new collection

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Marcelo Lopéz and Adele Aguirre are bringing fashion and art together. Photo: Contributed

It’s a fusion of art and fashion.

Fresh off a fashion show debut on the Rivera Maya, and days ahead of yet another runway exhibition closer to home, Mérida fashion brand Marcelo Chic announced a collaboration with SoHo Galleries.

“Art and fashion are very connected,” Adele Aguirre, owner of the Santa Ana gallery, told reporters assembled for a press conference. Then she turned to Marcelo. “I’m excited to see what you’ve become and excited to foster new talent in the Yucatán. We’re going to be showcasing two pieces from an artist called Iovany Abreu, which will be here the day or evening of the pasarela (runway fashion show). And the artwork reflects your design, which is blowing my mind. And they’re going to be some beautiful models with some beautiful pieces. So I want to thank you for including us in this because it’s my pleasure being a part of this and I can’t wait for la pasarela.”

Designer Marcelo López encourages his model while a Marcelo Chic fashion show preview is presented to the media. Photo: Lee Steele / Yucatán Magazine

As part of this collaboration, Marcelo López’s autumn-winter 2023 collection will be hosted by SoHo Galleries.

Marcelo Chic’s spring 2023 line was featured Nov. 4 at the Mexican Fashion Show at the Hacienda Tres Ríos in Quintana Roo.

There, he premiered part of his colorful spring-summer 2023 collection. Since then, inquiries have reportedly been coming in from Paris, New York, and Vancouver. This week in Mérida, he is showing the full 28-piece collection to an invited audience of fashionistas.

Works from artist Iovany Abreu will be the inspiration for a 2023 line from Marcelo Chic. Photo: Contributed

To keep up with demand, a production facility is already halfway completed in García Ginerés, with room for several sewing stations and fitting rooms.

About Marcelo Chic

Mérida native Pablo Marcelo López Chan first became interested in fashion as a young boy when he watched his grandfather create men’s apparel. Marcelo Chan Brittoni was well-known for his work.

After studying fashion for five years, he graduated in 2020 with a double diploma from the Universidad del Valle de México and La Nuova Accademia de Bella Arti in Milan, Italy.

Today, his fashion brand Marcelo Chic creates specially made couture for both men and women, as well as a line of canine couture.

“Fashion is really important,” Marcelo says. “It is the way we express and reflect who we are, and how we want people to perceive us. When we wear fashion specially made for us, we feel happy and comfortable, and above all, chic — Marcelo Chic.”

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