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Mass wedding at Xmatkuil fair formalizes 560 relationships

At least 2 couples had been living together over 50 years, but the 3,000-peso registry fee was too expensive

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Hundreds of couples tied the knot is a mass wedding at the Yucatan state fair. Photo: Handout

Merida, Yucatan — Drawing to a close, the Xmatkuil Fair had one added attraction, in addition to its rides, games and exhibitions. It hosted a wedding.

That is, a wedding for 560 couples, and invited guests.

The brides and grooms from across the state were participating in the state’s “Formalize Your Union” program. It encourages marriage so that couples can enjoy legal clarity that comes with committing to your relationship on paper.

State Legal Counsel Mauricio Tappan Silveira witnessed the ceremony in the presence of the couples’ relatives.

The official pointed out that the civil marriage not only formalizes a couple’s relationship, but also provides security for the wife and husband when legalities such as inheritances, land ownership and alimony arise.

“As a state, we are obliged to provide the facilities so that citizens can access policies of social justice and legal certainty,” he said at the ceremony.

“This event should not be remembered only because of its legal nature, but as an act of humanism and justice for all of society in Yucatan,” he concluded.

The normal fee for registering a marriage, 3,000 pesos, was waived for the participants, said Civil Registry Office Chief Rafael Rodríguez Méndez.

Around 5,000 couples have been part of this program. (In 2016, over 1,000 couples exchanged vows before the state at the convent of Izamal.)

Lauro Pacheco Vázquez and Guadalupe Chi Ek, of Chapab tied the knot after 50 years of living together. They have four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“We are very happy, because for many years we wanted to get married but for economic reasons we had not been able to do it,” said Doña Lupita, as her acquaintances affectionately call the bride.

Wilberth Gómez Duran and Alicia Guzmán Córdoba, from Merida, expressed their pleasure in joining in marriage after being together for 55 years.

“When circumstances were not good we could not get married, but now that they are excellent, we must take advantage,” commented Wilbert.

“I am very happy that, despite our age, we were finally able to formalize our union,” added Alicia.

Source: Press release

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