Mayan Train rail cars to cost over 36 billion pesos

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As part of the Tianguis Turístico in Mérida, the Fondo Nacional de Fomento al Turismo (Fonatur) presented the designs for the interiors and exteriors of the Mayan Train.

In an official statement, the agency said that the design of the rail cars is a tribute to the visual aesthetics of the region. They hope it will offer users the first immersion into the cultural diversity of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo.

The design for the wagons is inspired by the Mayan aesthetic, recognizable by the intricately carved stone pyramids. Photo: Courtesy

Earlier this year it was announced that the trains will be manufactured by Bombardier and Alstom, the second-largest rail consortium in the world. The total cost for the trains has been announced to be upwards of 36 billion pesos. 

Construction of the rail network and delivery of the train is expected to be complete by the end of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s term in 2023.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during his statements at the Tianguis Turístico Mexico. Photo: Courtesy

The payment includes the manufacture of 42 trains, workshops, and garages. For this first stage,  three types of services are expected:

Xiinbal. This will be the regular or standard mode train. There will be 32 wagons with patterns inspired by Mayan art. The expected colors are turquoise in various shades, white, and charcoal.

P’atal. There will be three trains offering long trip experiences. Their design alludes to the starry night studied by Mayan astronomers. The pattern for the wagons is inspired by the traditional textiles of the region. 

Photo of the Janal wagons, where restaurant services will be available. Photo: Courtesy

Janal. These are eight restaurant service trains. They display a pattern inspired by the spots of the jaguar, the most representative feline of the region. The expected colors of these wagons are gold, chestnut, and dark turquoise.

In the framework of the Tourism Tianguis, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador joined the inauguration of the 45th edition of the event, in Mérida, Yucatán. 

P’atal wagons offered for long, overnight trips. Their design alludes to the starry night studied by Mayan astronomers. Photo: Courtesy

The images of the train will be exhibited in the pavilion dedicated to this project at the Yucatan capital’s Convention Center from Nov. 16 to 19.

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