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Mayan Train revision goes ahead, cutting Valladolid-Cancun link

Colonial city will link to Cobá and Tulum instead

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5.5 billion pesos are saved by cutting the 55-kilometer route between Valladolid and Cancun. Map: Adapted from Fonatur

The federal government has decided to go ahead with a proposed revision to the Mayan Train route, removing a direct path between Valladolid and Cancun. Instead, Valladolid will link to Cobá and Tulum.

The change saves 5.5 billion pesos because it eliminates the need to negotiate with the Kantunil-Cancun highway’s concessionaire, ICA.

Officials denied a breakdown in negotiations with ICA. The decision was grounded in technical, economic and social development issues, said Fonatur’s legal director, Alejandro Varela Arellano.

“We are officially presenting the change of outline, it may be that later another direct Valladolid-Cancun branch is made … ” he said.

Valladolid will connect instead to Cobá and Tulum. From there, the train can reach Cancun by passing Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.

The change eliminates right-of-way issues since it follows state and federal roads and easements already established for high-voltage lines. Environmental and social management studies will still be carried out, said Varela Arellano.

Seven tenders to be held on the Mayan Train for track sections, one for the convoy communication system, as well as for the purchase of locomotives, and for the stations.

Tenders for the Palenque-Tenosique-Escárcega, Escárcega-Campeche and Campeche-Merida-Izamal routes will be issued first.

Source: Forbes

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