Mayan Train will be diesel, not electric, government says

FONATUR Director Rogelio Jiménez Pons is the Mayan Train's point man. AP Photo
FONATUR Director Rogelio Jiménez Pons is the Mayan Train’s point man. AP Photo

With an eye to cutting the budget, the Mayan Train will be powered by diesel rather than electricity, federal officials announced.

No mention was made of a zero-emission train previously promised.

But local media pointed out that Mexico doesn’t produce enough diesel, meaning the tourist train may require imported fuel.

The National Tourism Promotion Fund, or FONATUR, said diesel will be 6.8% cheaper than electricity.

President López Obrador pledged on Saturday that Mexico will be self-sufficient in gasoline by 2023, when the Mayan Train is scheduled to begin operating.

FONATUR also recently admitted that the project lacks an Environmental Impact Statement, which has been a requirement for any infrastructure work for 32 years.

Source: Infobae

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