Where to Find the Best Meatless Burgers in Mérida

The meatless quinoa burger at Flamante Burger in Mérida.
Flamante’s meatless burger has a hearty quinoa-lentil patty at its center. Photo: Courtesy

While traditional Yucatecan cuisine heavily features meat, the city’s food scene is rapidly evolving to embrace diverse dietary preferences.

Vegetarian and vegan options are increasingly available, and meatless burgers have taken center stage in Mérida. They offer a delicious and satisfying alternative to their carnivore-tempting counterparts.

Join us on a culinary adventure as we explore the best meatless burgers Merida has to offer:

Flamante Burgers: This popular joint has earned a loyal following for its creative and flavorful plant-based creations. Our favorite is the savory Quinoa Burger, which was developed for fitness guru Jennifer “JJ” Johnson of Bangin’ Body fame, who used to live across the street. Aside from quinoa, it features lentils, arugula, guacamole, mayo and mozzarella. Hold the last two, and you’ve got a vegan burger. @flamanteburgers

Crush Restaurant: This stylish vegan eatery boasts a diverse menu with several meat-free burger options. The “Crush Burger,” featuring a lentil and quinoa patty, caramelized onions, vegan bacon, and a smoky barbecue sauce, is a crowd-pleaser. Another option has a marinated grilled portobello mushroom cap as the patty. @Crush.Merida

Cate de mi Corazon: While not exclusively vegetarian, this charming cafe in Centro and at San Antonio Cucul offers a delightful avocado-based Falafel Burger that is both healthy and delicious. The falafel patty is nestled between two avocado halves and topped with hummus and a zesty cilantro-lime sauce. @CateDeMiCorazon

Casa Aüa: The former Vegan Inc. restaurant has quickly become a favorite among plant-based food enthusiasts. Their menu features a variety of innovative meat-free burgers using varying combinations of seeds, beans and grains. Gluten-free options, as well. @casaaua.mid

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The Pandemic ended Lo Que Hay Cafe and its Chaya Burger and Numen Vegan Food, which served a spicy lentil burger. Help us make this list longer by sending your suggestions to lee@roofcatmedia.com.

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