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MEL trip: See Mexico with Joanna and Jorge Rosado

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San Miguel de Allende is part of tour that will raise money for the Mérida English Library’s expansion.

Joanna and Jorge Rosado, long-time Mérida English Library members and experienced tour guides, are collaborating with the Mérida English Library to offer two enticing tours in early 2019.

All proceeds from the tour go toward the library expansion fund.

Trip 1: Three Nights in Guanajuato and Four Nights in San Miguel de Allende, Jan. 21-Feb. 7

This tour will be escorted by Joanna and Jorge Rosado, and Sergio Solis will be the guide. The trio has worked together since 1988, and many of their trips have been to the central states of the country. The culture, cuisine, music and folklore — not to mention the weather — are quite different than Yucatán’s.

US$1,350 single occupancy; US$950 double occupancy; US$850 triple occupancy. More details here.

Trip 2: Women’s Trip to San Cristobal and Palenque, Feb. 28-March 7

As well as sightseeing, shopping and dining experiences, tour participants will have the opportunity to visit a children’s home in San Cristobal de las Casas and to witness centuries-old customs and rites. This tour will be escorted by Joanna Rosado with Sergio Solis as the guide. The two have worked together since 1988 and many of their trips have been to the breathtaking state of Chiapas.

US$900 single occupancy; US$760 double occupancy; US$720 triple occupancy. More details here.

To secure rooms and properly prepare for this tour, the Merida English Library must receive a minimum of 25 reservations, with deposits, by July 1.

For general questions, contact Nancy Walters at nancy.tours.2019@gmail.com. For questions about cost and payments, contact Barry Zahn at treasurermel@gmail.com.

Visit this page to register.

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