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Menswear Secrets from 007: How to Dress like James Bond?

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We all idolize James Bond for his iconic style, charm, and distinguished suaveness. The iconic spy always looked polished, with looks ready to kill. He is the fictional king of tailoring, with every outfit looking more on-point than the other.

Whether he’s chasing down enemies or wooing the ladies, we can all aspire to be like James Bond. Sure, he’s fictional, but there are so many reasons why he is a film legend. And if Bond can perfect his wardrobe, then so can you!

Not just suits!

When we say dress like James Bond, we don’t mean just his suits (though admittedly, we love his tailored looks)! If you’ve seen SkyFall, you’ll remember Daniel Craig wearing a Levi’s Vintage 1930s Leather Jacket for a more rugged and casual look. You can also see him rocking a few plain tees. The thing is, no matter when the James Bond movies are set, the outfits are always timeless and inspire throughout the years.

Soon enough, you’ll feel ready to fill in Daniel Craig’s shoes. Ok, sure – you may not be starring in the next movies, but you’ll still feel like the next best thing! So many items worn throughout the films have been sold for big bucks, just because avid Bond collectors and fashion-forward men have wanted the pieces for their wardrobes.

In recent years, Bond has been seen wearing everything from luxury brands such as Church’s, to more affordable brands such as Barbour and Zara. He is the proof that your style personality can be versatile yet chic. So, even if you have nothing in common with James Bond, you might consider imitating his style, play live roulette for real money, and ultimately, get into his character.

Dinner jackets

When you think of James Bond, you probably think of him in a tuxedo, wearing a sophisticated dinner jacket. This is one of the first looks to ace to have a James Bond-esque touch to your wardrobe. Though fewer men wear dinner jackets, Bond makes us want to own one! Previous Bonds such as Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery could be seen wearing the dinner jackets that would help make James Bond so iconic.

Each Bond wears several dinner jackets in different styles – because trust us, no two dinner jackets will look the same! For the latest Bond films, dinner jackets in wool, cashmere or mohair blends have been chosen for a luxurious touch. The beautiful quality is what makes these jackets stand out. These kinds of pieces are perfect for weddings, proms, or black-tie events.

The Art of The T-shirt

As we mentioned earlier, Bond isn’t just known for his formal style. He can also pull off a casual look! He certainly knows how to master the art of the t-shirt and likes a fitted style.

For his time unwinding, a suit will simply not do! A fitted t-shirt will be flattering, and suave but with a casual edge. That means that you need to say goodbye to those ill-fitting, well-loved tees, and make room for some perfectly cut t-shirts that will flatter your body shape.

The Cord Suit

If you want to change up your tailoring game, and a tuxedo simply isn’t an option for you, then you’ll love wearing a cord suit. The blazer and the pants can be mixed and matched with the rest of your wardrobe according to the occasion. If you don’t know what we mean, check out No Time to Die – the beige cord suit is an elegant addition, especially to your spring/summer wardrobe! The cord fabric and lighter shade give this a more laidback look to the tuxedo or any darker suit you may have seen Bond wearing. Fit is key here to ensure that this doesn’t look scruffy or unflattering!

The Harrington Jackets

What is a Harrington jacket, we hear you ask? It’s a cool piece that has a rebellious side to it. Remember Rebel Without A Cause? Well, James Dean was wearing a Harrington jacket! It has always belonged to that 50s preppy aesthetic, but in James Bond movies, Daniel Craig brings an edgy, moody side to the jacket. He opts for a darker tone that will compliment his grey and lighter-toned jeans, all while bringing an element of mystery to his outfits.

Suede Jackets

Another way to rock James Bond’s casual look is through rocking the suede jacket – and not just any suede jacket, a beige one. You can spot this piece in Spectre, which was made by Matchless London, one of the oldest motorcycle companies. Teamed with his signature navy polo shirts, this gave a polished yet casual approach to his preppy wardrobe. This look is so iconic that it has now been christened the “Craig Blouson”.

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