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Young designer wins Mérida logo contest

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Naiby Nicté May May, 25, won the city's logo contest. Her design will represent Mérida's status as 2017 cultural capital.
Naiby Nicté May May, 25, won the city’s logo contest. Her design will represent Mérida’s status as 2017 cultural capital.

Mérida, Yucatán —  A logo designed by Naiby Nicté May May, a 25-year-old from Tixkokob, was selected as winner in a contest to represent Mérida’s “Capital of Culture” designation next year.

Aside from the honor, Naiby May also received a check for 50,000 pesos.

Interest among designers was relatively high. Jurors weighed 179 proposals, more than twice the entries in previous contests in Puerto Rico or Valdivia, Chile.

Naiby Nicté May May
Naiby Nicté May May

Naiby May holds a degree in graphic design from CELA. She said that she took about three weeks on the design, incorporating magenta, green and orange into an abstract floral shape. The colors denote the delicate calm of the city, colorful sunsets, commitment to the environment and gastronomic riches.

The jury was composed of María del Rocío Bolio Manzanares, general director of the creative agency Creativo Vales; Alonso Gutiérrez Espinosa, painter; Saúl Villa Walls, director of visual arts at ESAY, and Alberto Arceo Escalante, art professor at UADY.

Designers were directed to employ images, graphics, text and colors necessary to reflect the spirit of the cultural event, provided they are original and work in the tagline “Mérida, Capital Americana de la Cultura.”

Twice a winner

In January, it was big news when Mérida won the the designation “Cultural Capital of the Americas” for 2017. Mérida is the only city to have been honored twice by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals: the White City was the first city to receive the honor in 2000, and that distinction has been mentioned in travel publicity ever since, persuading more visitors to sample the city’s music, art and performance offerings.

The victory comes as the city celebrates its 475th anniversary.

The Cultural Capital of the Americas, a designation established in 1998, aims to promote a better awareness between the peoples of the Americas.

The IBOCC, established in 1985, promotes international cultural capital cities and establishes new bridges of cooperation with Europe.

Mérida will gain visibility across Latin America, the U.S. and Europe after beating out about 10 Latin American cities that competed for the honor.

With information from the municipal press office.

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