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Merida ends street-vendor evictions under new deal

After Christmas-season crackdown, several sellers move to streets with more space

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Street vendors reach a new deal with Merida city officials. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Merida, Yucatan — After the city evicted several unlicensed street merchants from the heart of the market area, an organization that represents the vendors negotiated a new deal with municipal officials.

The vendors were crowding sidewalks and curbs along Calle 63 between 54 and 56. Brick-and-mortar merchants complain bitterly about the competition and claim they present a hazard to pedestrians and motorists.

The vendors formed a group called La Concordia, whose leader met with city officials.

After negotiations, the vendors agreed to occupy more spacious sidewalks, including a section of Calle 60 between 65 and 67. They will still sell anything from caps and bags to toys and trinkets.

Competition for both space and revenue ramps up in the weeks leading to Christmas, when many shoppers have holiday bonus money to spend.

Accompanied by the deputy director of markets, Alejandro Gil, Interior Director Gerardo José Acevedo Macari said that the group also agreed to maintain a permanent dialogue with the City Council.

Working with the Chamber of Commerce, the city had cracked down on illegal vendors last Saturday.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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