Merida, home of more and more foreigners and out-of-staters

2005 was a key year in Yucatan's net migration rate

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Yucatan’s population of non-Yucatecans will top 70,000 people by 2020, said Roger González Herrera, director of the state Population Council (Coespo).

Most of the 2020 immigrant population is made up of recent arrivals. In the five years leading to 2020, Yucatan will have gained 62,492 foreign and out-of-state migrants, he said.

A study also reviewed the number of people leaving the state. Since 1970, there has been a steady increase in the flow of Yucatecan migrants abroad.

Until 2005, the number of people who moved away from Yucatan was greater than the number of new residents. But after that, Yucatan’s net migration balance switched from negative to positive.

From within Mexico, new residents of Yucatan come mainly from Mexico City (21.2 percent) followed by neighboring Campeche (17.7 percent), and Quintana Roo (13.8 percent), and then Tabasco (11.9), Veracruz (10 percent) and Chiapas (6.4 percent).

New residents mainly come to Merida (66.5 percent), followed by Kanasín (4.7 percent), Valladolid (2.9 percent), Tizimín (3.6 percent), Progreso 1.9 percent and Umán (under 1 percent)

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