Mérida house party ends with 2 beaten and killed

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Photo: Diario de Yucatan

Yucatán State Police are investigating a double homicide in the San Damián neighborhood, just west of García Ginerés, in Mérida.

A party had occurred at the home the night before, and police were told by witnesses that an angry confrontation got out of hand before the attacks, according to Diario de Yucatan. They were beaten and then stabbed multiple times, police reported.

A neighbor cleaning his roof spotted the lifeless bodies of two men, thought to be in their 50s. The remains of the victims, listed only as “Víctor Manuel MM” and “Pedro,” were left in the courtyard of a home on Calle 9 between 30 and 32, police said. The site was cordoned off by officials.

The victims’ bodies were reportedly covered with the contents of a bucket of white paint, which police speculate was used as a weapon in the altercation.

A car belonging to one of the victims was found burned several miles away in the Diamante subdivision, local media reported.

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