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Merida in a rental housing boom

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Houses for rent are in high demand throughout Merida.
Houses for rent are in high demand throughout Merida.

As families continue to gravitate to Merida, income from rental houses is rising to historic heights, said Gabriela Ojeda Sierra of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

Residential developer Alfaro Juana Mendoza explained that most families come from the center and the north of Mexico, attracted by the safety prevailing in the capital of Yucatan, as well as opportunities for business.

Although the demand for housing in the metropolitan area of ​​the city is very wide and is located in new subdivisions, many people prefer houses that are located in the Centro because of amenities, especially transport. Part of their appeal is that the houses are detached dwellings; many families arriving are accustomed to living in high rises, so tenants are impressed to find homes with large spaces and front and backyards.

Gabriela Ojeda said in the northern part of the city there are houses for rent ranging between 15 and 20 thousand dollars (MX) a month or more depending on the size and infrastructure. Competing for these homes are company executives sent here on business, often scouting for expansion possibilities. Another segment of the rental market is young students coming from other states, attracted by the cultural offerings of Yucatan.

Source: Sipse

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