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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Merida mayor warns of ‘the most serious moment of contagion and danger’

Barrera Concha implores Meridanos to remain vigilant

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Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha addresses citizens on the topic of continued coronavirus contingencies. Photo: Facebook

Given the increase in confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19, Merida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha warned that “we are in the most serious moment of contagion and danger.”

“We cannot lower our guard in prevention and care of our health,” he said in a video that was posted on social media.

Barrera Concha noted that we are in the first phase of the gradual reopening of the economy.

But as workers go back to their jobs, new coronavirus infections have risen. Daily new cases have risen from the 50s to 90 and more in recent days, with Merida finding the most cases.

The mayor said the level of danger exists not just in Merida, however, but also in the state and country.

Mexico has recorded more than 185,000 coronavirus cases and 22,584 deaths since the country’s first case on Feb. 28. Yucatan’s first case was in mid-March when an infected woman arrived from Spain.

While shoppers and workers begin to crowd bus stops and sidewalk downtown, Barrera Concha implored citizens to follow hygiene and distancing protocols to hold back the spread of coronavirus.

“Our conscience must be much stronger. We are talking about a disease that continues to cause more infections and more deaths. By taking care of ourselves, we can try not to make this situation worse,” he stressed.

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