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Monday, July 4, 2022

Mérida merchants fined, cited for unsafe conditions

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The Civil Protection Unit in Mérida is getting tougher on unsafe work conditions. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — For safety violations that would have previously resulted in warnings, five businesses have been shut down and seven more have been fined up to 300,000 pesos so far this year, reports the Civil Protection Department.

The current city administration is cracking down on irregularities such as gas tanks in bad condition, a lack of emergency exit signs and other signage, and a lack of evacuation plans. Fines start at 1,500 pesos.

“There is no excuse for not complying with the security measures,” said the Director of Civil Protection, Enrique Basto Alcocer.

Basto Alcocer stressed in Milenio Novedades that his team is imposing a get-tough approach to safety hazards.

When a business is shut down, it stays closed until the Civil Protection Department is informed by the business owner that safety issues are resolved. Once that claim is verified, the business is allowed to operate.

“It has to be acknowledged that shops, restaurants and even commercial plazas have improved in terms of civil protection, compared to some years ago,” said Basto Alcocer.

Source: Sipse

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