30 public monuments, fountains get a lift

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El Astrónomo Maya
“El Astrónomo Maya” is among the public fountains and monuments in Mérida getting a facelift. Photo: City of Mérida

Mérida, Yucatán — Thirty public monuments and fountains around the city are being repaired and upgraded under a municipal program that also emphasizes energy efficiency.

The project is focused on areas outside the historic center. The city has already targeted public displays at the Monumento a Las Haciendas, Parque Tabentah at Altabrisa, and roundabouts at Cumbres, Kalia, Flamboyán and El Pocito. From here through June, roundabouts and parks from the airport entrance to Caucel are going to be given some TLC.

merida monuments
Modern monuments in Mérida need repairs, too. Clockwise from top left: “La Mestiza,” “El Parque de la Paz,” “El Juego de Pelota,” and “El Astrónomo Maya.”

Six roundabouts have been given new lighting, often replacing traditional bulbs with LED, and power supply lines have been modernized. In some cases, reflectors are supplementing lights. A savings of 33 percent, or $17,600, is projected from the lighting upgrades.

Around $900,000 has been allocated by the city council for the project.

Additionally, 60 trees were planted along Avenida Cámara de Comercio, where previously there was no greenery.

Source: Municipal press release

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